Have you ever had to write a bio about yourself!! My god its hard! Do I dot point it, do I trump it up to make myself look good. Or do I trump it up to make myself feel better about myself..Ha!


I started in cake around 2009, I made a birthday cake for my fabulous, perfect husband (he made me put that in..) I have to tell you though, looking back it was pretty bad.

But that’s cool, we all have to start somewhere! and that’s why my humble little website is designed for the beginner right through to the advanced cake sculptor to learn something from.

Everyone one should be learning a little more every day, whether it be how to sculpt the perfect set of teeth for a cake or learning a new dance move! Just keep learning!

Take a look around and be sure to let me know what you think, I’m always here and contactable anytime. Oh and I love to talk about cake and creating magnificent, masterful stuff!!!

Thanks for reading my bio..did I trump myself up enough?? Ha!

Heidi ‘Its your turn to learn’ Dahlenburg. xoxo