About Me

About Me

Hey. Heidi here. So. How did I catch the delightful horror cake- making bug? The first cake I ever made was for my husband’s birthday. That was in 2009. Looking back, it was pretty crap. Terrible, in fact.

But I loved the creative process so much I kept working hard learning, researching and discovering new ways and techniques of getting things just right. Soon enough, I started turning out some pretty crazy life-like creations. 

It wasn’t long until I was hooked on cake sculpture and in particular horror cakes and life-like cinematic characters.  My cake-sculpting passion has turned into something greater than I ever imagined.  I now invite you to learn everything I know by following my cake masterclass blog. Benefit from practical tips in my videos and monthly ‘how to’ masterclass blog series. 

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I give you only tips, tricks and lessons I have perfected myself during many years of practising cake artistry. You'll save time, sweat, tears and dollars learning from my cake-sculpting mistakes and successes.

Heidi Xx

That is amazing ! Too real your creations are!!
Tino Salinas
That looks awesome
Cakes by Kev
Sinister! And life like it’s scary👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Pintor Chavez
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